About Me

Photo by Jessi LaRue
Hello! My name is Jessi and I'm a Midwesterner for life. 

Born in 1990, I've been writing for as long as I can remember; my stories and musings have filled pages of notebooks stuffed between my childhood mattresses to this blog you've somehow stumbled upon.

I developed my love of writing throughout high school writing and journalism classes. I went on to study journalism in college, holding every newspaper position possible, including layout designer, reporter and even editor in chief. My passion for journalism earned me a big girl journalism job before I graduated, so I took the job with only three-quarters of a journalism degree. 

I soon found out that the journalism life wasn't for me, though, so I pursued my love of animals and now work as a receptionist at a doggie daycare and groomery. To satisfy my need for writing, I took up writing on this blog in 2015. (Maybe you've seen my old blog, The Musings of a Wannabe Star?)

When I'm not blogging, I'm enjoying newlywed life with This Totally Awesome Boy, working as a freelance journalist, and spending lots of quality time with my two shelter cats, Twitch and Trixie. My husband and I are new homeowners, so a lot of our time and energy is devoted to house projects. My hobbies include living life with my headphones in, reading every news article I come across, and watching every episode of Cheers.

For more on my blog title, Becoming Mrs. LaRue, click here.

I also run the website "A Twist In History: The Jacob Haish Story" about my 4th great uncle, an inventor of barbed wire. You can see that blog here.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. LOVE this, from a fellow Midwesterner for life!

  2. I'll keep reading. The Midwest is a huge mystery to me, after being a Cascadian for life (thus far). Thanks for sharing glimpses into your life.