Thursday, July 05, 2018

My Little Free Library

My Little Free Library in Sycamore, IL. Photo by Jessi LaRue

Take a book, leave a book.

Little Free Library is a project that has impressed me for years. I dreamed of the day I'd own my own house. Then I could finally install a Little Free Library of my own.

I’ve always been a bookworm, a nerd, a geek. One day in elementary school, I tripped on the walk to school. I skinned up my knee, and there was a little blood. When the school nurse asked what happened, I said, “I tripped while reading my book.” She didn’t think it was such a good idea to walk and read.

Growing up, I spent many Friday nights curled up with a good book. Books took me to far away places, taught me about interesting things, and gave me the power to think for myself and have my own opinions. Books have had a profound impact on my life. After all, I ended up becoming a writer.

My hope for the North Avenue Little Free Library is simple - to spread the love of reading, even to just one person. I hope that reading changes someone’s life, that it makes them question the world around them instead of just going with the flow. I hope that picking up a book inspires someone to create something new. I hope that someone enjoys a book so much, that they can’t help but share it with someone else.

Want to learn more about Little Free Library? Visit to learn about their wonderful mission. And if you’re in the Sycamore, IL area, please visit the library on North Avenue. Take a book, leave a book, write a note in the guestbook. We’d be delighted to have you.

Instagram: @northavenueLFL

P.S. Stay tuned for a "behind the scenes" post about the creation of my Little Free Library!

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  1. This is awesome. There are a few around here but my favorite is one at the local Botanical Garden, so you can read amongst the roses.