Sunday, March 04, 2018

Drinkware fit for a cat lady

In the last few years, I guess I've become a "crazy cat lady." After all, I have a cat-themed bathroom in my house. Well, my cat obsession even extends to drinkware; some items I've purchased for myself, and some items were given to me as gifts. Check them out.
"Most Days I Wish I Was a Cat." Ain't it the truth -- a day spent curled up in the sun with no worries sounds like a good day to me. Found this gem while shopping with my grandma at Salvation Army. | Photo by Jessi LaRue

I "love" this one because the pawprint shows my love of both cats AND dogs. This one was a gift from my boss. | Photo by Jessi LaRue

"Good meowing," indeed! This cute one was a gift from a coworker. | Photo by Jessi LaRue

Details of "Good meowing" | Photo by Jessi LaRue

"Crazy Cat Lady." Guilty as charged. This was a birthday splurge for myself during my last trip to my favorite store, HomeGoods. | Photo by Jessi LaRue

TRUTH. This cat's sass -- from its face to its uncensored paws -- is so accurate. This one was a Christmas gift from my sister. | Photo by Jessi LaRue

Curious kitten had to interrupt the photo shoot. Hi, Trixie. | Photo by Jessi LaRue

These pretty cocktail glasses were part of the CatLadyBox subscription service. Highly recommend. | Photo by Jessi LaRue

Although pink isn't my color, this kitty-themed tumbler was the perfect gift from my Secret Santa last year. | Photo by Jessi LaRue

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