Saturday, June 24, 2017

Finding inspiration in my life

Photo by Jessi LaRue
I've been thinking back to just a month ago in my life, about how frustrated and lackluster I felt. Since then, I've made so many changes, some bigger than others. I changed jobs. I listen to more music, and I write more often. 

There's also been some things that have brought that "inspired" feeling back into my life:
- Walking to and from work daily
- The Wonder Woman movie
- A late night drive while blasting '90s alternative rock hits
- Playing with 15 dogs (at once!) at my new job
- Interviewing a couple that is so in love and planning their wedding
- A friendly wave from a neighbor in the morning
- The dedication of a historical marker recognizing my 4th great uncle
- My cat falling asleep on my lap during my lunch hour
- Conversations with my friend and mentor
- Every minute of family time that I can get

Where have you found inspiration?