Monday, February 20, 2017

A spring fishing break -- in the middle of February

Photo of Chris LaRue by Jessi LaRue
As temps soared into the 60s this last weekend, my husband walked out the door of our home with a little skip in his step, almost like a kid on the last day of school before summer break. With that sunshine it felt a little bit like summer, even though it's only February.

But it doesn't matter to Christopher what month it is, as long as the ponds are thawed.

His love of fishing is pretty similar to how others feel about the pasttime. It's an escape. Ever since the first snowfall of the season, I've heard him mutter the occasional "I can't wait until it's spring." For him, fishing is the best way to soak up a little Vitamin D, and get your mind off of work and other realities of adulthood. Even if he doesn't catch a thing, he always comes home with a refreshed outlook and perspective. Although I'm no fisherwoman myself, it's easy to see that fishing is good for the soul. It's a nice way to get rid of the blues, he concurs.

He's been hooked on fishing since he was a toddler and caught his first largemouth bass while camping with his family near Mount Rushmore. He remembers the feeling well, although the memory is a little foggy. 

"I remember being old enough that I could hold the pole, but young enough that the fish I caught seemed like a giant," he says, as he holds his hands out to measure like all fishermen do.

Years of fishing have made him a patient man. That's probably a good thing to have when you're married to me, I only half-joked to him. 

All those hours of patiently waiting, or just casting and casting again, have taught him that sometimes the best things take a little time. After all, how often do you catch a whopper within just seconds of your bait hitting the water? Anything great is worth waiting for. But luckily, Chris didn't have to wait long to clock in some fishing time already this year.

"But would it be even better if I could just catch a damn fish?" Chris says. "Yes, yes it would."

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