Friday, July 22, 2016

It's Not Always "Different For Girls"

I love Dierks Bentley, but I have to say it: His latest single feels a

"Different For Girls" plays off a male, stereotypical reaction to a breakup: they down a few shots, call a few girls, and get over it. This song claims that girls don't deal with breakups that way. Although the song is catchy, (and Dierks and Elle King sound great together,) you can't always assign people to one category.

After all, sometimes it isn't always "different for girls."

If I think back to "that one major" breakup in my life, I didn't always handle it like a girl. I had just turned 21, so I tried a "whiskey and Coke." I scrolled through my phone "looking for a BandAid." Although that time period brought out some of the worst in me, I did learn a lot about myself. But for the most part, I was just trying to cope, and just trying to feel better. And sometimes that means doing things you're not proud of. I did plenty of that.

And that's where "Vice" comes in.

Miranda Lambert's latest single is like the antithesis of "Different For Girls." Most likely inspired by her own breakup, she tells the story of someone who makes mistakes and falls on vices to get through a tough time. And from personal experience, it feels real and it feels like life for girls who are a little bit different.

"Standing at the sink now, looking at the mirror, don't know where I am or how I got here..." Yeah, I think we've all been there before.

Maybe for some, it is different for girls, and we deal with our emotions instead of stowing them away. Or maybe sometimes, we just find another vice to fill a void.

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