Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy birthday Steven Tyler

Blurry photo from when I saw Aerosmith in 2006.
Happy 68th birthday, Steven Tyler. 

Aerosmith is my favorite band, and one of the greatest bands of all time. They encapsulate the best of gritty American rock 'n roll: stinging lyrics, out-of-this world vocals and unique, captivating instrumentals. I think "Dream On" is the greatest classic rock song of all time.

I saw them live when I was 16 years old; although I attended a few concerts as a kid, this is the one I really truly remember and consider my first concert. Motley Crue opened for Aerosmith in Wisconsin that year, and I got to experience the show with my best friend as well as my parents, who love Aerosmith even more than I do and have seen them many times.
Even decorated the car for the concert.
There's something about Steven Tyler that makes him special, and an extraodinary musician. 

Many of Aerosmith's songs are older than me, but even after listening to these songs for my entire life, I still get chills. I still crank them up on the radio and sing along. There's something so timeless about Aerosmith, and I know my love for them will never go away.

And sure, Steven Tyler is dabbling in country music right now, and not everyone's a fan. But for a man who can play almost every instrument, and has been the lead singer of a great band for more than four decades, doesn't he deserve to have a little fun and do what he wants musically? I think so.

Happy birthday, Mr. Tyler. You'll always be my favorite.

Take an hour out of your day and celebrate Steven Tyler's birthday the best way - with his music.

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