Saturday, March 12, 2016

Another day at the park

Another Saturday, another day at the park.

Spring is here.
I went out on a mission to take some photos. Going to the park gives me a chance to get some fresh air, and get some practice with a camera. My husband likes to tag along for the walk, too. 
 Our first stop was at my great grandmother's memorial tree. 
I also got some photos of the beautiful scenery.
I also took photos of some things I couldn't explain.
We thought the public pool looked a little spooky/abandoned.
I can't get enough of this good weather.


  1. Even a grey rainy day can be so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos

  2. Nice to be able to get outside and walk around some finally #sundayblogshare

  3. Beautiful photography. Isn't it nice to just have a day to walk around and see all of these things.