Sunday, February 14, 2016

First Married Valentine's Day

I know the holiday can sometimes get a bad rap, but I love Valentine's Day. Always have. Sure, we can always express love on any other day, but it's pretty neat to have a day devoted to just that: Love. It can be love for a spouse, furry family members, parents, siblings, friends and more.
Today my husband and I are celebrating our fifth Valentine's Day together, and our first married one. We spread the day out over Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we went to our local theater (where we met in high school!) and watched American Saturday Night: Live from the Grand Ole Opry movie. It just confirmed that we'd really like to travel to Nashville some day. 

We also visited with my parents and sister. (After all, what would a holiday be without family?)
Chris got me beautiful flowers that reminded me of our wedding day flowers. I designed a plaque for him; it has our vows: the blessing of the hands. Those words still give me chills.
When we celebrated our one-month wedding anniversary, I said married life hadn't really changed us. But as time goes on, I'm noticing that we're different: we're becoming more and more of a team. 
We're spending more time talking about our goals: financial, life, short-term and long-term. Maybe that's what everyone does after they get married, but for us, it's making us work harder and become teammates. It's inspiring and it makes the work even easier. It gives it purpose. And for all that, I consider myself very lucky. Happy Valentine's Day, friends.

P.S. Here's some kitty photobomb pics.


  1. How sweet! Hope you had a special day together!

  2. Very cute post. I love the photobomb pics. Have a great Valentine's Day! #SundayBlogHop

  3. You're right - after marriage, goals become an almost daily topic of conversation. There's not much I do these days that I don't consult with my husband on!

    P.S. These are great pictures!

  4. I'm chiming in so late! But happy Valentine's Day lol. I love your gifts to each other, so special. Especially love the photo bombing kitties. I think it's an important part of marriage to become a team.