Monday, January 11, 2016

Ziggy Stardust Changed My Life

I've always appreciated music that came before my time. Music from the '70s and '80s always spoke to me more than today's hits. In my mind, artists from that time were true artists.

Near the top of the pack was David Bowie, someone I'd reserve the word "genius" for. I discovered his music when I was 15 or 16. I heard "Changes" and "Rebel Rebel," just scratching the surface of his discography, and my life was changed. Heck, I even once named a pet goldfish "Ziggy Stardust."
I know everyone says this, but Bowie made it OK to be weird and to be yourself, even to a teenage girl in 2005. He was so cool in his own skin and he transcended musical genres. 

It was a shock when I found out he died last night. I spent the first 20 minutes of my day, half asleep and scouring the web, seeing if his death was a hoax. When I realized it wasn't, I instantly started playing his music. It was my small way to say thanks.
That photo is a good depiction of me as a teenager. I spent a lot of time in my bedroom: I'd sit on my bed with my back leaning against the wall, big white headphones on, all while scribbling in my journal or staring up at the vinyl records on my ceiling. And David Bowie inspired me.

I felt cool when I listened to his music, so his music gave an awkward teenage girl some confidence. He inspired some of my bright hair colors. He inspired some of my poetry.

The lyrics, the sounds, the fashion, it all had a profound impact on my life. His creations inspired me to create my own.
Thanks for being one of my heroes, David Bowie.


  1. I've never been good with correlating musicians with their songs so I never truly knew who David Bowie was until college when I first watched The Labyrinth. It was after that I realized I'd been listening to him my whole life. He definitely opened up a whole new world of music for everyone. Nice tribute.

  2. One of my favorite "memories" of David Bowie was when he sang with Bing Crosby the Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth song. I say "memories" because it was obviously a replay when I saw it lol. I always get goosebumps when I hear that song.