Thursday, January 07, 2016

How to Beat the Winter Blahs

January is no joke.

There's not another long weekend in sight. The excitement of the holidays has passed and your wallet is thinner than ever. There may not be snow, but it's cold. And miserable.

You may experience seasonal affective disorder, or you may just feel unhappy. If you're like me, you're feeling super uninspired and even lacking motivation at times. It happens, but it doesn't have to stick around. If you're looking to kick the January blahs in the butt, here's some tricks I've found.

Try a new hobby (Or pick up an old one)
I've been dabbling in photography. Baking. Slow cooker cooking. I've been making a ton of music playlists, which is easily one of my favorite hobbies. I've also started reading again. Give yourself something to get excited about! 
Set a goal (Or keep your resolution!)
When you have something to work toward, you kind of force yourself to get motivated. You can pick a resolution like eating healthier, getting to the gym, or even something as simple (but important!) as being kinder to yourself. Or maybe you can try out a life mantra, like Melissa plans to do. Or maybe your goal is related to your new hobby. (How many books can you read this month? How many new recipes can you try?)

Get sun when you can
I work in a basement 40 hours each week, so sun time is scarce, especially in the winter. Even if you can't afford a tropical getaway, sun does wonders for the body and soul. I squeeze my sun time in during my lunch; I'll eat in my car even during the cold months because it's important to get out.

Stretch your creativity
We're not all artists, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the perks of being one! Sing a song, write a poem. Better yet, try an adult coloring book. They're handy when you need to unplug for a while, or ease some anxiety. For being a simple coloring book, I've found mine to be incredibly rewarding.
What do you do when the winter blues kick in? Leave a comment below!


  1. Great tips! We got a few coloring books for Christmas and I'm looking forward to diving in!!

  2. Hi Jessi, we are in the southern hemisphere and it is so hot, we are all worn out! Reading your post, I am longing for winter, can you believe it!

    1. I can't even imagine! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Beautiful suggestions to beat the winter blues.

  4. I love my adult coloring book :) I have a mandala style one. Eventually I want more! I'm not sure why, but it really does just work for me. Lightens the mood for sure.