Friday, October 23, 2015

An Open Letter to Myself on My Wedding Day

For my wedding, I wrote letters to my fiance, mother, father and sister. It only seemed right that I should have one for myself, too.

Dear Jessi,

Today... you get married.

The once-awkward teenage girl who couldn't catch a date in high school is getting married at 24 years old. Sure, it's much older than when your parents got hitched, but it's about average when compared to your friends tying the knot. But honestly, all that matters is that you know it's the right time for you. And it really is the right time.

See, last year was hell, in a nutshell. You bounced out of college, into a job, out of that job, and into another. At times you struggled to find yourself, and you were almost constantly struggling to be happy with yourself and find inner peace. But no matter how bad it was, you always got to come home to him. And today, you marry him.

Christopher has changed a lot, too. Obviously he's changed from the teenage boy you met six years ago. Not only does he listen to better music now, or lay off the cologne just a little more, but he's also become an incredibly strong person. He takes care of you, and he finally takes care of himself. You two have been through so much together that it boggles me to this day. But after going through all those things together, it only makes sense that you should continue it all together. He really is your best friend.

I don't really have any spectacular wedding day advice to share with you, but I do hope you truly enjoy every stinkin' second of it, because, as your dad puts it, "if you do it right, you only have to do it once." 

And you've been so lucky to have your parents by your side throughout all of this. I hope you remember that for the rest of your life. By answering your worrywart phone calls, to going shopping, to putting together centerpieces, to your dad doing everything he could to make sure he could be home for your big day... your family bends over backwards for you. I know you could never completely explain how grateful you are for all of that, but always carry those memories in your heart. They're good ones to have.

I hope this wedding is fun; I hope it's beautiful. But I hope your marriage with Chris is even better. Continue doing what you've been doing and I'm sure you'll be fine. Listen to each other, take care of each other, and never stop talking to each other. And always, always listen to each other. Make sure to take time away together (away from phones) and enjoy each other's company. Never, ever take each other's company for granted. Life is too short for that.

Finally, I just want to remind you to always love deeply. Love him like you first did in 2010 when you were teenagers and just started dating. Don't be afraid to throw him an old dopey grin. Don't be afraid to be silly. Always be yourselves with each other, especially when you can't do that with anyone else. Know that you have each other, and that's how it should be.

I hope you have the most beautiful day of your life. And I hope your marriage teaches you even more about yourself, and I hope you continue to write it all down. The memories will be so wonderful to look back on someday. I can't wait to see what those memories are.

Happy wedding day.



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