Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wedding countdown


My fiance and I are counting down the days to our wedding... October 23 can't come soon enough. 

I was adamantly avoiding the idea of blogging about  the wedding process, after all, wedding blogs are a dime a dozen. However, I noticed I've been neglecting my blog, so I thought that documenting the wedding countdown through my how-to's and what if's would be a good way to inform friends and family about the process, as well as provide myself something to look at years after the marriage. Get ready.

I have some ideas, particularly about how we've been saving money through this process. (Turns out making your own flowers and being your own DJ isn't as easy as it would seem.) I also want to share some stories about Chris and me while it's all still pretty fresh. Like I said, it'll be nice to reflect on some day, I think.

In the meantime, here's a few engagement photos taken by our friend Kelly Bauer. She's one of my closest friends and an up-and-coming journalist in Chicago. Her photos blew me away. Check her out!

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