Thursday, August 20, 2015

Taylor Swift inspires the writer in me

It may be that you are what you eat, but there's no doubt that you are what you listen to.

Whatever my current playlist may be, it always affects pretty major parts of my life: my mood and my creativity. I've been listening to singer-songwriters recently and I've found myself feeling more creative and even blogging more often. (Obviously.)

Lately I've been hooked on two of the greatest singer-songwriters we currently have on the radio: Taylor Swift and Eric Church, and they've left me incredibly inspired and wrapped up in the lyrics that leave you hanging on. More on Eric later, but I've got to dish about Ms. Swift for a while.

You may love her, leave her or hate her, but she's got it going ON right now. Her latest album, "1989" is an eclectic selection of synthesizers, drums, bass and more. And as usual, her writing is fantastic. I'd dare to even say this album is genius.

I've been a Swiftie since her first album. Being just a year younger than Swift myself, I found it incredibly easy to connect to her lyrics about high school heartbreak and drama. As her music developed, so did my life. And her most recent release of "1989" meant a new style for Swift, at the same time I felt like my life was making a major switch. It just ties up perfectly. Maybe that's why I feel so creative listening to the album every day on my way home from work. The lyrics inspire me in many ways: they bring back old feelings I've had myself, they inspire lines of my own, and more. Even if you aren't her biggest fan you must admit, the girl is talented.

So I'd like to thank her for chronicling her life as we both grew up. Her lyrics taught me that I wasn't alone in feeling a certain way, and nothing is too dramatic (it all happens to all of us.) I'd like to thank her for getting me writing again, in an offhand way. So thanks, Taylor, for treating your fans like superstars and for the great music.

- - - 

And if you need further proof about the staying power of Swift's lyrics, check out her lyrics performed as a monologue.


  1. I have such mixed emotions about Taylor Swift. As an artist, I absolutely LOVE her. Her music and lyrics are the best. As a person, I used to really like her. She seemed very a girl you might meet in your biology class and end up becoming best friends who go on 12 AM Walmart runs together. Now though, it seems like she's overdoing it. Every time the camera points to her, she really cheeses it up. She just seems fake to me anymore. It also seems like drama kind of follows her wherever she goes. I love her music, and I love the idea of her, but I just don't like the way she's changed the past couple of years.

    1. I totally get what you mean-- and I agree!