Sunday, August 16, 2015

How I Almost Jinxed My Marriage (Before It Even Began)

Photo by Kelly Bauer
The fiance and I stopped at our local Kay Jewelers to get my wedding band sized for our upcoming nuptials in October. While the employee was filling out the paperwork, he noticed the ring's warranty would allow me to get my engagement ring and wedding band soldered together. He went on and on about the benefits of my rings being stuck together for all of eternity. He said we could do it now, or later.

"Why not after the wedding?" I suggested.

"Why not now?" He said. "Might as well do it while you're here, right?"

We contemplated it for a moment. 

"That's OK...right?" I asked him. "He can just slip on both rings at once during the ceremony?"

"Yeah sure," the guy said. "It'll be easier."

"Sure, what the heck," I said. The employee zipped up my two rings in small plastic baggies. Then I hesitated. (I do this quite often.)

"This is OK to do before the ceremony, right?" I asked again. I'm a skeptical person. "We won't offend like, Grandma or anything will we?" I half-heartedly joked. 

"No no, you'll love it!" He said.

So we were off. 

As we drove away, my fiance commented on how I'll have to wear both the wedding ring and the engagement ring before we're even married, if I want to wear my engagement ring the next few months. I had to stop myself from slamming on the brakes. It hadn't even occurred to me.

"I can't wear my engagement ring again until after I'm married?!" I exclaimed. That seemed silly. And sad.

So we called up Kay and asked if we could get it back. We were told it was fine.

Upon stepping into the store again, the manager assured us it was no problem, and said it was probably a good idea we came back for the ring. "I'm actually glad you did!" She said.

We stood there puzzled for a moment, but gladly accepted the engagement ring's return to my hand.

"It's bad luck to get the rings soldered together before you're actually married!" She chanted.

Suddenly I didn't feel so bad for being such a flighty, picky customer. I also realized I'm not the only one who believes in things like that.

We dodged our first bullet as an almost-married couple.

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